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Dont know if I can get comments like this quick - an attempt at deliberate living [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
young, poor, busy, and confused

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Dont know if I can get comments like this quick [Sep. 29th, 2004|02:54 am]
young, poor, busy, and confused
I totally agree with you that I should not use short form or whatever else to make reading my post difficult.However I disagree with what you say that it's the difference between education,that's a little bit non-sense for me.God!Look at how many 20/30/40-year-old in the chatroom type in this way,I mean,if I am writing my English paper,I would of course pay a lot more attention to grammar and not using this kind of chatroom/ICQ languages,whatever you guys call it.*OK?

And about the money matter,I know very well I'd better stop thinking about clothes and focus on study 1st.Sure I know this and thanks for reminding me that.However "some extended family who could help you buy text books" is definitely not my choice.I can afford my own expenses in everyway.Scolarship is what I am looking for because yes,I do well in school,my results always come top of the class.I really do hope everything will go in the way I want it to do.
*Luckily me,I have not just one or two friends but a whole bunch of them.Very pound of my friends for they always on my side.
By the way,Im not from Australia,why did you think like that?Hong Kong,actually.

P.S. sorry for not putting it as a reply in the comment area,because my email address is invalid or what,my comment was not accepted.

[User Picture]From: quaskye
2004-09-28 01:04 pm (UTC)

I'm writing this from class, so I'm underqualified....

Hey, thanks for the far nicer English. I thought Austrialia because you said "uni" which I'd only heard from Austrailians, though I think it's a nice abbreviation. You're right about the education point, sorry.

And I figured you knew about the clothing thing, and I know it doesn't really help when someone else tells you about it either. yeah. You probably also don't need a lesson on basic studying skills, but some things that have helped me focus are: having a set time and place to study, having a neat place to study, having all of my supplies and assignments readily available. I'm still stuck on focusing during class, but I think it has to do with "active" participation, mentally and by asking questions, etc. I've also tried to use the same music, and even smell (with insence) to help studying at home, but with only moderate effects.

Like I said, you probably know all this, too, because it's just basic study skills. I think, in the end, there's no magical answer to the focus problem. And that sucks.
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