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Stressed, yet? - an attempt at deliberate living [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
young, poor, busy, and confused

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Stressed, yet? [Sep. 30th, 2004|04:55 pm]
young, poor, busy, and confused


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I'm into my third, perhaps fourth week of school. I'm not sure because we started university on a Thursday. It's my second year. Anyway, I'm just stressed and wanted to unwind and wondered if anyone had any advice on how to focus on school work.

I'm in Life Sciences at U of T. (Yes, I want to become a doctor.) So the material we cover can be quite dry - Biology, Biochemistry, Animal Diversity, Sociology and Narrative English (for good measure). Yet, I try to concentrate. However, I found myself not motivated to study or that the things I read are not really staying in my mind. I also do work very slowly, so I found that I can waste a lot of time on one passage.

I live in a single room dormitory. I even asked my parents specifically NOT to buy me a television set, so as to not distract me from homework. However, as you can see, I also have the Internet and can become quite content in daydreaming while listening to music.

So my question is to fellow students, how do you maintain interest and motivation in your current choice of studying subject matter? How do you concentrate on school work? How do you NOT procrastinate? Thanks. All answers appreciated.

[User Picture]From: 0sleep2dream0
2004-10-03 08:41 pm (UTC)

Re: Longest Comment EVER.

Thanks for the help. Someone really cares!!! :o) I'm sorry that it's not 1/100th as long as your reply. But if it makes you feel good, I printed out your hints. Hahahaha.
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