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young, poor, busy, and confused

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(no subject) [Sep. 15th, 2004|02:57 pm]
young, poor, busy, and confused

So, without getting too philosophical, I've been thinking a lot lately about energy and strength and what I call "Buckling Down." When I get busy, it's too easy to say "I'm tired, I need rest" or "I just need a snack to keep me going" when neither of those is true. I just use them as "well-meaning" excuses to quit working. [so many quotation marks...]

Anyway, I've been trying to talk my brain into not copping out when it needs to work hard for long periods of time. Most of this requires an attitude shift, from "whatever!" to "no, really, this is important!" or at least to "I care about this!" I keep trying to be enthusiastic, but that's hard, too.

I guess the point is that I'm figuring out that it's not an organizational system or a study schedule or anything that I need, it's a big fat attitude adjustment, just like all those teachers told me in the 80s. Damn them.

Any suggestions on how to make yourself keep working/pay attention in class/do the best job you can?
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Alone in the Big House [Sep. 7th, 2004|06:22 pm]
young, poor, busy, and confused

[Current Mood |confusedconfused]
[Current Music |Travis - The Weight]

Ha! So I'm in my new dorm room, yet I cringe to call it that, since it's actually a hotel bought by U of T and made into a university residence. The room is a little smaller than last year's, which I shared with a roommate from suburban hell. But I digress . . . There's a king-sized bed, two tables - one for my computer and one, which I stole from the Common Room, which we will call my Homework desk (Ahh, The Joys of Being a Second Year Student) and my own private bathroom. Yes!

School hasn't started yet. It starts on Thursday. So for now, I am up in my room, showing my friends around. Last year, I went floor hopping with people. (High five if any university students in this community knows what that is! No? Just me? Okay.) It was cool. But this year, there seems to be an ethusiasm lacking. No one seems to be excited anymore. Apathy is boring, people.

I have no television here, just my Internet. So suffice it to say, I will be on a lot. That's sad, no? Anyway, tonight, I'm gonna go and try to meet some new people. And then, the day after tomorrow, I'm going back to school.

Is it me or do I detect a hint of chill in the air, even though it's still warm? Personally, I think it's psychsomatic. But truly, I can feel school starting. I can taste it in the atmosphere - this certain lull or the calm before the storm, if we must use metaphors. This feeling that is much heavier than summer. It has a thick texture, rough and cold, like a wool blanket. I can feel the gears shifting and it all starting all over again - the routine, the speed walking, the rush, the crisp, cold weather, the red, runny noses, itchy scarves and breath being forced into realization, hanging in the mid-air and such. I must go and hibernate. If only I could . . . I can feel it in the air. This is Allison. I'll be here all week.
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Getting the hang of it.... [Sep. 5th, 2004|07:53 pm]
young, poor, busy, and confused

So, I ended up quitting my job. Everyone who kept saying "You really can't have a job your first year of law school" was correct. Alas. so now I'm even poorer, I suppose. I've got almost everything moved into my efficiency, after living in it for 2 weeks. And I've almost moved everything out of my old apartment, too. And I've also cleaned and painted most of it.

School is going really well, though I haven't perfected my study habits yet. I'm starting to realize that I need to do a little bit of reading for each class each night, not just reading for the classes I have the next day. Then I can maybe stay ahead in the reading? ah ha ha ha. yeah.
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i'm new. [Sep. 2nd, 2004|12:55 am]
young, poor, busy, and confused
hi everyone. i am a returning student at the university of texas-pan american...i guess i went back to school cuz i dont want to get any older without a degree. i have no job cuz i cant balance a full load at school and go to work. i am living with my parents and i'm 24. (gross, but at least i get to live for free...i hate working) i'm a senior marketing major and i dont even know why i picked that major. ahhhh well. i guess i'll have a broad range of things to do after i graduate.

i hate it when people ask what i wanna do after i graduate...i honestly dont know. your guess is as good as mine. i like to look like i have some kind of goal so i say i want to work in marketing in the entertainment industry. boring.

anyway, i have a disgusting load of work to do this semester with these classes:
Production Management
Consumer Behavior
Quantitative Methods
Marketing Research
Marketing Management
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Back to Residence [Aug. 31st, 2004|12:24 am]
young, poor, busy, and confused

[Current Mood |curiouscurious]
[Current Music |Silverchair - Ana's Song]

So on Friday night, I'm moving back into residence. It's my second year at dear ol' U of T. I'm doing a double major - Life Sciences and Biology and a minor in English. By what I'm taking, you can see that I'm one confused son of a bitch. I am hopefully progressing into the right way to become a doctor, but . . .We'll also see if I love English at the end of this year.

So I'm moving back. This year, I have a single room. Yes! My roomate, last year, was a nightmare. I think we could get along on the superficial level if we didn't have to be live together. However, I'm clean and she's messy. She would leave her hair all over the bathroom floor and never vacuum it up. It was so gross. I swear I saw pubic hairs! Nasty. She also brought her boyfriend over way too often, while I was studying and they would watch TV or talk for like three hours.

Yes, so anal and neurotic never mixes with greasy and irresponsible. It's not like we came from that different backgrounds, either. Both of us are spoiled rotten and pampered, yet . . . Ack! My ex-roommate lives in the same building as I.

I have a full course load this year:
Zoology - Animal Diversity
Biology - Cell and Molecular Bio
Sociology - Social Science credit. I'll take what I can get.
English - Narrative
Human Biology - Genes and Genetics
Bio Chem - Intro

I'm also trying to make a little cash by selling my last year's texts. I feel so guilty for spending soooo much of my parents' money. I plan on getting INVOLVED by actually joining a club. Ha. That is so unlike me. Yeah, so . . . we'll see what this year brings. I'm actually quite excited, even though I should a jaded old fogie. Is that the right spelling?
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(no subject) [Aug. 26th, 2004|11:29 pm]
young, poor, busy, and confused

I guess I should post in this community, it is awesome.
Hi. I am young, in fact, I'm only starting the twelfth grade, so I'm not poor. Busy I shall be because I am taking four AP classes: English, Art History, Statistics and Environmental Science, along with Independent Study for Latin. And I am extremely CONFUSED, for I have barely worked in the past! I have gone so far as to make a schedule and systems; all I need now is the motivation to work. I'm joining because reading how much other people accomplish helps. So yay, okay.
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Welcome new comers! [Aug. 25th, 2004|02:51 pm]
young, poor, busy, and confused

Hello to everyone who has joined recently! Sorry I've been relatively absent, but today is my first day of law school, so BUSY is certainly being emphasized. In fact I'm typing this in a class, because the professor decided to walk us through everything our 2 day orientation told us, because two days of distinguished speakers couldn't get it through our heads, we needed to hear it from him. I also don't have wireless at home.

I've moved into a <400 sq. ft. efficiency, and am absolutely amazed at how few things I have left. I got rid of over half my clothing, most of my dishes, silverware, pots, etc., most of my large furniture, a large number of books, and tons of clutter. It's shocking. And of course, I'm still a little messy, because I haven't quite unpacked everything. hurr. But I'm still feeling pretty successful with all of it. Like, there's empty space in ALL of my cabinets right now.

Studying-type organization could still use many improvements. I bought one of those large desk calendars like I wanted, and now just need to find frames for this month and next month, so I can see it all and it will be "decoration," to. I've got my class and work schedule nicely graphed out, another "decoration." I still need to establish study times for each class, and get used to tracking my assignments, not to mention learning how to study law.

But I have woken up early and worked out for the past 3 days, even though I had to be at school by 9am!
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(no subject) [Aug. 22nd, 2004|03:53 pm]
young, poor, busy, and confused
I really like this place because i am young, poor, busy, and confused.


my name is Aletheia, but i am called zoe. I am much too young but I like to talk to college people. I just do. I love interior design and dressing well. I can't always have those things though, seeing as though i am poor. I am not that poor, but i am a very lost soul and that somehow makes me poor.

yes it does. I really just like to rant and rant and rant because half the time i don't even know what I am saying and i figure that if i keep talking i will eventually get an idea. Of course, i generally don't, but hey. I am just young, poor, busy, and confused.
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(no subject) [Aug. 12th, 2004|09:45 am]
young, poor, busy, and confused
[Current Mood |contentcontent]
[Current Music |Boy -- French Diplomacy]

Small victory alert!

I organized all my notes. All of them. I got rid of 5 out of 10 classes that are not important! I DID IT. Well ok, so they are all in one big binder sitting in my closet, but it's still very awesome. Very awesome INDEED.

The other 5 classes...I organized the notes into duotangs or very small binders, depending on how many notes that class had (2 binders, 3-duotangs all labelled). I then packed the binders I will need, 8 in total:

-1 small flexible one for carrying around daily. I write notes in there and transfer. It is divided with 8 sections, 7 for lectures and 1 for assignments
-6 for main lectures
-1 small flexible one for my "Intro to Mechanical Engineering Profession" notes

I think I may get a couple small binders for each lab (3 a week), just to keep things organized to the max, and do what I did last year wiht my math labs, as that worked out well for me.

What was the most awesome thing is that I can re-use my binders from last year (I had 5) and found the small binders to store my notes and the 6th large binder at home. I also have extra paper and a bunch of dividers from other years that I found, making it cheap and an almost recycled project. This means, not only am I almost organized (still need to organize my text books) but I am also using what I have. Another awesome thing is that this all fits into one milk crate.

AND I found a filing box that closes shut and has a handle and will fit right under my desk, without causing problems. It contains my assignments and seminar notes for the 5 classes, with lots and lots of room to spare. I have also started to go through all my computer papers/discs and will put them in there too.

I just had to share, I felt really good about finishing that project up, because it's been causing me tons of stress for some reason.
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Being a university student sucks [Aug. 10th, 2004|08:36 pm]
young, poor, busy, and confused

[Current Mood |frustratedfrustrated]

This is my first post. So hi! I'm Allison. I thought I'd introduce myself to this community I joined a while back - maybe two months ago. I was just lurking for a while. I'm a second year student at a seriously over-populated, over-hyped, over-priced school.

You'd think that with all the double cohort thing in Ontario that they would be able to make more room for these students. Ugh! We enrol in courses on the Internet. For over two weeks now, I've been trying to enrol in these two BIO half-year courses. But no one's dropping, and I called the offices to complain, and they just told me to keep trying, rather than opening more spaces to accomodate these students who pay top dollar to get into this university.

P.S. I don't even get OSAP, which is the American equivalent of a student loan, which means that I must pay for everything on time and by myself.

P.P.S. I've checked. And every other course that I could have taken overlaps the other courses that I need to get my degree, which is why I must take these two courses. All the ends have been covered. Yet nothing comes up roses or easily.

--> End of rant.
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