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an attempt at deliberate living

an attempt at deliberate living

young, poor, busy, and confused
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update 7/6: now that there are more than 2 people here, this doesn't really need to be a "personal" journal. Everyone is welcome to post, as long as it's fairly on topic, and if you want to throw in a post to introduce yourself, feel free. If not...well, enjoy reading about my life?

This community, for now anyway, is essentially a personal journal for me to explore the process of trying to get my life together as I begin graduate school (at the University of Texas Law School, in case you're curious). I made it a community because I'd like other people going through, or interested in engaging in, a similar process to be able to talk about it, or maybe even people who know what they're doing with their life and have everything perfectly under control and would like to give wonderful nuggets of wisdom to us less-fortunate souls.

About what I'm doing: I'm not insane, on drugs, pregnant, in an abusive relationship, or in any other way in a seriously bad place. I pulled my way through undergrad surfing on A's I got by testing out of classes and an unproductive lazy/panic cycle. I'm trying to end that cycle and become a highly efficient, serene adult. It's fun and terribly frustrating. Some of my specific goals are to find a way to keep my environment beautiful, dress well, keep on top of my studies, be able to network with professors and students effectively, organize paper work and bills, and manage my finances, including paying off a very small credit card debt ($650 to date). If this sounds like you, please feel free to join and post!

Some frustrations with doing this: I've procrastinated many times by reading and rereading organizing books, self-help books, how-to books, decorating books and magazines, and fashion mags. I've found that most of them are directed towards families, people with a lot of money, or people with a fuck load of time who's biggest concern is making a great casserole for dinner. I am none of those people. I can't even afford a $70 bedspread right now, much less a $100 organizing system. It's really irritating that there's no pre-fab solutions, but I'm learning (again!) that we're all individuals and so we each have to create our own way of life. I'm trying to consciously design the best possible life from me, and though it's hard, I hope it will also be very empowering!